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Portrait “Midnight Moonlight” by Rex Thomson


Rees Lake, one of the most beautiful spots in The Spirit Of Suwannee Music Park, becomes even more magical under a full moon. For the second in his series of illustrations of the most mythical parts of our beloved Suwannee artist Rex Thomson spent over 300 hours capturing moonbeams filtering through the leaves and Spanish moss of the majestic live oaks that encircle the lake and make its waters seem to sparkle and dance along to amazing music being made in the distance.

This very limited edition 1st run of 300 silk screen prints comes hand signed and numbered by the artist. His series is ready to start in earnest so be on the lookout for his next installment coming soon but for now, don’t miss your chance to own a copy of this stunning rendering of a beloved place to lay back and listen to the music play.

Each print comes rolled and sealed in a sturdy shipping tube and priced at 40 dollars each.

Midnight Moonlight



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